Janice – thank you for taking the time out to share your thoughts last week. I truly enjoyed the presentation and take the messages to heart. I did not leave thinking “Why am I here!” as the messages were well delivered and well received. I didn’t realize that you are an author – guess my head has been in the sand. I plan to purchase your book as well as one for a gift. I will go out to Amazon as probably there.

Brenda H.



By the way, everything I said was the truth.  YOU ARE AN INCREDIBLE SPEAKER! I am not surprised that the women at the BWN Year-End Breakfast Celebration were thrilled by your motivating and encouraging words!  You are one of the best, if not the best, speakers I’ve ever heard.  Every time I hear you speak, I walk away energized!





WOW…..what a presentation this morning!!!!

Your message and thoughts for our BWN (Business Women’s Network) chapter were so energizing and appropriate for our year end celebration.  Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule and preparing such an awesome delivery.

(B. Brown – Chairperson)



You go girl!  I am very proud of you.  You are changing people’s lives in a positive way.  I have an Amazon gift card that I am going to use.  I’ve had it for 9 months and never used it.

(Amanda Rogers)



Hi Janice,

I attended your session at the CAWN event.  Not sure how I have not crossed paths with you in the past but I absolutely loved your presentation and your energy!  I was telling everyone how your husband and brother served us champagne and cake.  WHAT A TREAT!!  How great that they were there to support you along with your niece. Thanks for taking the time to share with us because your message was great!  I can’t wait to get your book.



(Amanda R.)



Hello Janice,

Sorry for the late reply.

Just so you know, and I not just saying this, but your show was the best ever, and having all those callers calling in made it even more amazing I usually have 2 or 3 but not 11, wow!!!

Of course I want to help you and promote you in Toronto.

I have 3 local TV shows that I have close connections with and they will love to have you on the show.

I have a hotel and a place for you to do a talk for a very low cost, close to the airport, FYI NO PROFIT TO me JUST really want to help.

When are you thinking of coming?



L.T. (Radio Host)



Hey Janice I got your message. I heard the book was great, and I definitely want to get one!


(text from Rhonda B.)



Just wanted to say Great Job! Did not get to call into the radio show, but I know that you have reached both women and men alike. Again, thank you for reaching out to so many women.


(A. Stewart)



I have one of your posters hanging in my office so people can ask ‘What’s that?’


(Barb A.)



Hey- Janice!

The parts of your radio show that I did hear- you were great! My sound kept cutting in and out so you must have exceeded the amount of listeners- LOL!


(Tonya G.)



Great job tonight.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.  Many Blessings to You!!


(Kim G.)



“She was dynamic” and “she blew them away,”

B. R. said about feedback from his direct reports about Janice’s workshop at the Cincinnati Area Women’s Annual Conference (CAWN).



Thanks Janice!  I started reading the book over the weekend – NICE!  Thanks again for speaking at the Cincinnati Area’s Women Network event on Friday.  You did a FANTABULOUS JOB! 


(G. S.)



Hope everyone enjoyed the CAWN event as much as I did!! … applause for our own Janice Walker; wasn’t she tremendous!! Janice you made [our company] shine!!  


Ruth L.



Conference attendee stopped me in parking lot of the CAWN Annual Conference and told me some of her story. She stated, “You are an inspiration.”







A. F.



Oh of course I will listen and call into the radio interview on Oct 28th. I have already read the book and excellent!   I also placed an order with Lingeriediva.com


(Rhonda Johnson)



I read YOUR BOOK [Womens & Lemons- Your Time Is now] IN ONE NIGHT!  I COULDN’T PUT IT DOWN!  All of the things that I thought were either taboo for a woman of “my age” to be thinking about, or this misconception that you have to be like Aunt Bea is crazy, I have good genes in my family and why not make the best use out of them….  What I really realized is that I am not on this journey alone. There are so many women like me.   This book reconfirmed all of that!  I LOVED IT! I’m getting one for my sister too!!


(Rhonda Johnson)