Author’s Bio

Janice L. Walker is a Champion of appreciating, acknowledging, and valuing women. She has served as motivational and keynote speaker for numerous women’s and corporate groups and events and conducting workshops, and in doing so she has addressed thousands of women over the past 15 years. She is a practicing attorney and married to Harold L. Cleveland II, who is also a practicing attorney. Womens & Lemons: Your Time is Now – Begin Your Adventure; Live Your Dream is the first in a series of Womens & Lemons’ books.

Author’s Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Womens & Lemons Series is to promote “WOMEN UPLIFTING AND SUPPORTING WOMEN.”The Womens & Lemons Series is designed to affirm, encourage, support, and inspire women to not only want more out of life, but to want it badly enough to be in constant and tenacious pursuit of squeezing life for all the joy, peace, happiness, love, self-fulfillment, benevolence, and gifts that life has to off them. We want all women to value and appreciate themselves, but especially the women in their 40s and 50s. We want them to understand they are turning the page (or about to turn the page) to the next chapter in their lives and there are unlimited possibilities on their personal horizon. A glimpse of these possibilities should awaken and revive their souls such that they are EXCITED about what lies ahead for them and are determined to grab life by the horns and ride the proverbial bull. Both deciding to ride and the ride itself should be fun, exhilarating, and enjoyable beyond anything they have ever imagined. At the Quintastic period in their lives, women should wholeheartedly embrace the notion and believe that they truly can be happier than they have ever been at any point in their lives until now, and that the best is yet to come in their lives. Women should wake up each and every day believing this and refuse to settle for anything less. And then begin their adventure and make life a daily adventure, experiencing new energy, setting new and unexpected goals, accomplishing more and more each day as they progress towards total and true euphoric fulfillment. By taking each day as a gift and a new day with possibilities that did not exist the day before, each day should be new beginning, a fresh start, and with that, your adventure begins over, and you begin to see life as a daily adventure on track to fulfill your dreams. Stay on course, and your charted course will take you to places that you have never dreamed! Dream Big!

Author’s Mission Statement/Motto

“Your success is my success. If you succeed, I succeed.”
Janice L. Walker
“The Women’s Champion.”

The Mission of the Womens and Lemons Series is to encourage women to learn to appreciate the value of other women first, and then the value of contributions that other women can have on our own personal journey, adventure, and dreams. All women should realize, especially women in their 40s and 50s, that individually and as a community, we have the ability TO CHANGE THIS WORLD. To do this, we must begin NOW with a commitment to begin our own journey. And part of our personal journey is to make a concerted and consistent effort to daily support other women and take their success as seriously as if it were our own utilizing our best efforts to assist in every way, large or small, a women’s desire to being the best that she can be. It should be a core value and a fundamental principle for women to see other woman as an extension of themselves, and the result will be that we are engaged with their landscapes, which leads to active involvement in their personal and professional success and intentionally living out our Motto: “Your success is my success; If you succeed, I succeed.” This Motto should be borne out in our lives daily, and as we are committed and dedicated to our success, achievements, and accomplishments, we should likewise be committed to the same for other women to such an extent that they tangibly feel our commitment and dedication to their advancement. Then, we will be living our lives to the fullest while significantly helping other women to do the same because we have an experiential and practical appreciation for the collective personal and professional value of the Womens & Lemons’ Mission Statement –
“Your Success is My Success. If You Succeed, I Succeed.”