From The Author

First, let me say with the utmost humility, “thank you” for entering the portals of the Womens & Lemons website. Womens & Lemons is intended to be a movement, a revolution for ALL women. In 1996, the United States Congress formed a “Glass Ceiling Commission.” Did you know that? There are probably millions of women that are not aware of that fact. Without performing a more in depth analysis, general questions that come to mind are: What were the stated objectives? How many women were in the original group? What have they accomplished? Is it a working group or has the group become effectively defunct? How was the existence of this Commission communicated to women? Notwithstanding the answers, I would dare say that had women been made aware of this Commission, embraced its objectives, and banded together to break through the Glass Ceiling in the 20th Century, when asked her thoughts about the Glass Ceiling, the 21st Century young woman would pause quizzically and response, “What is a Glass Ceiling?” Therefore, it is more critical than ever that women make it their mission in life to support other women’s projects, accomplishments, achievements at every juncture and cheer them on to greater and new heights together believing that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!


We begin the movement with the book, Womens & Lemons: Your Time is Now – Begin Your Adventure to Live Your Dream, which is a book written with the 50ish woman (the Quintastic Woman) in mind. But the book also contains a message for all women: to rev up your engines wherever you find yourself in life and chart out your journey asking right now, where am I? Where do I want to go? What do I want to do? How can I be the best me that I possibly can? What is holding me back? How can I get the most out of this life, my life?


This first book in the Womens & Lemons Series begins focusing on the Quintastic Woman because of her years of taking life’s lemons and making lemonade. You have paid your dues. You have paved many unpaved roads and navigated a tremendous amount of uncharted water. You have been many “firsts” and you have labored tirelessly to make it to where you are now.  All in all it has been worth all of the sacrifices that you have made and now, it is time for you to be acknowledged, recognized, and applauded. You have accomplished your initial goals, e.g., raising a family, successful career, successful stay-at-home Mom, put your career on hold to raise your children to a certain age; community/church services; reached the pinnacles of education; etc. What’s next wherever you are in life? Womens & Lemons first book seeks to clearly guide you to identify where you are, but most importantly where you want to go, and what it will take for you to get there. Although there are many books out there that make that claim, I do not believe there is another one on the market like this one. This book has two poems written specifically for this book, specifically for the Quintastic Woman. This book has a love letter written just for you. This book has over 100 color photos, is interactive, and has a short story at the end.  There is an Adventure Journal that accompanies the book, and is highly recommended in order that you may chronicle your journey; you need to record your answers manually – with pen and paper – and not electronically; there is a difference and the former requires thinking. One friend bought the book and said she had so many journals that she did not need the journal. Well she sent me a text yesterday and said she wanted 5 more books and 5 journals to give as gifts, one journal was for her because she started the book and now realized that she needed the journal as well. Ever journal you have should have a specific purpose, and if you do not have one to dedicate solely to this Womens & Lemons Journey, they I encourage you to spend a couple of dollars and purchase the Journal – You won’t regret it. There are 5 styles to suit women’s likes, realizing that we are different, and people have purchased all 5 styles.


Once you have the book in hand and the journal, don’t look back. No regrets. Move forward into tomorrow intentionally, and with purpose of mind that you will begin your adventure, support other women, and do your utmost effort to change “your” world and “the” world. You can only do that if you begin – NOW!